De unde cumparam magneti?

Acum ceva timp tot intrebam de unde se pot cumpara magneti. Am primit raspunsuri care imi sugerau de fiecare data ca am de demontat nu stiu ce si sa iau magnetul de acolo.

Dar iata ca totul este mult mai simplu. De la magazinele de hobby si crafting. Cautand ipsos pentru modelaj, am gasit si magneti, la Galeria Creativ, din Brasov. (Acela era singurul loc in care am gasit ipsosul, de-aia am dat comanda undeva in afara Bucurestiului.)

Gasiti acolo:

Nu toate articolele sunt in stoc, dar daca le trimiteti un e-mail si le spuneti ce ati dori sa comandati, se rezolva. (La mine ipsosul a aparut in stoc la doar cateva ore dupa ce am trimis e-mailul.)

Nu am cautat la astfel de magazine si prin Bucuresti inca, dar va anunt daca va fi cazul.

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[Ro] Cel mai frumos event/mystery cache care a existat vreodata!

Aceasta cutie a fost listata ca un mystery, dar trebuia sa participam la ea ca la un event. In noaptea de Halloween. Trebuia sa mergem acolo si sa ne luam la intrecere pentru a fi primul care gaseste cutia. Dar ma grabesc, s-o luam cu inceputul.

Eram in intarziere si ma gandeam ca toata lumea va fi plecat pana ajungeam eu acolo. Dar uite, oameni. Fete straine, nu mai fusesem niciodata la evenimente sau la cautari de grup. “Geocaching..?” Da, inca mai am o sansa sa trec linia de sosire in seara asta.

Fiind noua, a fost tare bine ca echipele au fost facute la intamplare, pentru ca atunci cand am auzit ca vom fi in echipe, am crezut ca n-o sa ma aleaga nimeni. Cine ar lua o incepatoare, probabil doar i-as incetini.

Dupa ce am asteptat un pic, echipele au fost facute. Am fost parte din Echipa Verde, cu Mister4ch si Puiutz777. Cred ca eram cea mai mica echipa, iar Puiutz777 era si ea incepatoare, deci sansele pareau sa ne cam fie impotriva.Am primit un plic si am aflat ce inseamna “bearing” si cum poate fi folosit chiar inainte sa pornim.

Fiecare din cele 6 echipe urma sa ajunga intr-un punct diferit din Centrul Vechi, la exact 200 m de la linia de start, urmand ca in acel punct sa gaseasca urmatorul indiciu.

Am ajuns la locul indicat, un cinematograf care rula filme de groaza, am vazut si indiciul. Am ignorat prima parte a indiciului si am hotarat sa utilizam a doua si a treia parte. Acum habar n-am daca organizatorii au tinut cont de asta atunci cand au creat indiciul, dar greseala noastra ne-a dus la un alt cinematograf unde rula Transylvania, asa ca ne-am uitat bine si pe acolo, fiind siguri ca face parte din cautarea noastra. Gasind nimic, am decis sa verificam si prima parte a indiciului. Oooh. Ok, hai sa mergem la masina!

Am aflat ca alte echipe erau inaintea noastra. Ei bine, in acel moment speram doar ca vom fi suficient de rapizi sa gasim pe cineva pe-aproape doar ca sa nu fim nevoiti sa ne cataram noi prin copaci.

Drumul pana acolo a parut foarte lung, dar acum eram siguri ca mergem spre un fel de padurice, nu doar spre cativa copaci rasfirati intr-un parc. Cand am ajuns la ultima parte a drumului, era intuneric si o bufnita a zburat undeva inaintea noastra, speriata de farurile masinii. Am oprit masina, nu era nimeni acolo. Poate ca al doilea indiciu al lor i-a dus in alta zona a padurii, cine stie.

Dupa o verificare rapida, am intrat in padure. Imediat ce am facut asta, Mister4ch a zis ca se asteapta ca aceasta cutie sa fie foarte frumoasa, avand in vedere numele pe care l-a primit. Am inceput sa mergem printre spini pana am gasit zona. GPS-ul tot sarea dintr-un loc in altul, asa ca am gasit zona, dar nu si locul. Asa ca ne-am uitat dupa copaci care puteau sa ne lase sa ne cataram in ei.

Eu am vazut cutia si am inceput sa ne gandim cum sa ajungem la ea. In timp ce ne hotaram ce parte a copacului sa abordam in catarare, am observat ca aceasta cutie ne indica ea singura ascunzatoarea, luminand din cand in cand. Mister4ch m-a ajutat sa ma urc in copac, am strans mana in jurul cutiei si ea a ramas pur si simplu in palma mea, nu m-am prins ce mecanism de prindere ar avea atunci cand am luat-o.

Am dat-o jos, am aflat ca suntem primii care au gasit-o si ne-am semnat. Au zis ca eu ar trebui sa fiu prima care a gasit-o pentru ca eu am vazut-o prima si m-am si urcat dupa ea. Asa ca multumesc, inca o data.

Acum partea mai complicata era ca nu puteam sa imi dau seama cum sa o agat la loc in copac, nu puteam sa vedem in ce era prinsa, si in timp ce noi incercam sa aflam chestiile astea, am vazut luminile unei alte echipe. Asa ca ne-am stins propriile lumini, Mister4ch a ascuns cutia in buzunar si am stat tacuti, ascunsi dupa copac.

“7 metri… 5 metri… 2 metri!”

Si pana la urma ne-au vazut. Au semnat si ei logbook-ul, Mioritics ne-a daruit niste token-uri (merci!) si cred ca tot el a fost cel care a pus cutia la loc in copac. Ne-am intors la masini impreuna. Am mai vorbit un pic si am decis sa plecam. (Cand plecam, am mai vazut 2 bufnite zburand.) Lukas a plecat cu noi si a vrut sa sarbatorim cumva dupa event. Mister4ch nu a mai putut sta, asa ca ne-a lasat pe noi trei aproape de Energiea.

Ne-am adunat acolo, am vorbit un pic, a fost dragut sa cunosc si alti geocacheri, desi nu sunt tocmai sociabila cand cunosc oameni pentru prima data. Am plecat mai devreme decat majoritatea, dar tot m-am simtit bine.

As vrea sa multumesc Echipei Verzi, ne-am descurcat mult mai bine decat ma asteptasem. Si multumesc si organizatorilor, desigur, a fost foarte frumos pregatit totul si a fost si un mod genial de a petrece Halloween-ul. La cat mai multe!

Gasita in 31.10.2012.

[En] The most wonderful event/mystery cache to have ever existed!

This cache was listed as a mystery, but it required us to participate as in an event. On the night of Halloween. We were supposed to go there and race to be the first to find the cache. But I’m getting ahead of myself, first things first.

I was running late and I thought everybody would have left by the time I got there. But look, people. Strange faces because I haven’t been to events or group caching. “Geocaching…?” Yes, still have a chance to get to the finish line tonight.

Being new, it was really nice that the teams were randomly made, because when I heard we’re going to be on teams I thought I was so not gonna get picked, who’d take a noob, I’d probably just slow them down.

After a bit of waiting, the teams were made. I was part of the Green Team, with Mister4ch and Puiutz777. I think we were the smallest team, Puiutz777 was a also a rookie, the odds seemed kind of against us. We received the envelope, figured out what “bearing” meant and how it could be used right before we left.

Each of the six teams was to reach a different point in the Old Town, exactly 200 m from the start line, and at that point they were to find the next hint.

We reached the indicated spot, a cinema playing horror movies, and saw the hint. Ignored the first part of the hint and chose to use the second and third part. Now I’m not sure if the organizers took this into account when placing that hint, but our mistake led us to another cinema where Hotel Transylvania playing, so we searched thoroughly there, being sure it was part of our quest. Finding nothing, we decided to check the first part of the hint. Oooh. Ok, let’s go to the car!

We found out other teams were ahead of us. Well, at that point we were hoping we’ll be fast enough to catch somebody close to the spot so we won’t have to climb the tree.

The road there seemes pretty long, but now it was for sure this was truly some sort of forest we were going to, not just some scattered trees in a park. When we got to the last part of the road, it was all dark and an owl flew somewhere in front of us, scared by the headlights. We stopped the car, there was nobody there. Perhaps their second clue placed them on another side of the forest, who knows.

After a quick check, we went into the woods. Just as we did that, Mister4ch said he’s expecting the cache to be really nice, given the game that was created for it. We kept walking through thorns, until we reached the area. Our GPS kept jumping from one spot to another so we found the area, not the exact spot. So we started looking for trees that might allow some climbing.

I saw the cache, and we started figuring out how to get to it. While trying to figure out which side of the tree to take, we finally noticed the cache was actually hinting us that it was there, too, by lighting up every now and then. Mister4ch gave me a lift, I closed my hand around the cache and it just remained in my hand, I didn’t get the mechanism with which it was caught when I took it.

We got it down, saw we were the first team to find it, signed our names. They said I should be ftf because I saw it first and also climbed for it, so thank you, once again.

Now the tricky part was that we couldn’t figure out how to cling it back to the tree, we couldn’t see what it was caught in, and while we were trying to figure that out we saw lights from the second team. So we turned off our lights, Mister4ch hid the cache in his pocket, and we stayed quiet, hidden behind the tree.

“7 metres… 5 metres… 2 metres!”

And they finally saw us. They also signed the logbook, Mioritics gave us some tokens (thanks!) and I believe he was the one who also placed the cache back in the tree. We went back to the cars together. We chit-chatted a bit, then decided to leave. (As we left, we saw another two owls flying.) Lukas’ left with us and he wanted to have a small party after the event. Mister4ch couldn’t stay any longer, so he left the three of us near Energiea.

We gathered there, talked a bit, it was nice to meet other fellow geocachers, although I’m not really social when I meet people for the first time. Left earlier than most, but still had a good time.

I’d like to thank the Green Team, we did good, a lot better than I expected. And also thanks to the organizers, of course, it was wonderfully planned and also a great way to celebrate Halloween. To many more!

Found on 31.10.2012.


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Ka30-CV – Balta Dracului

[Ro] Am gasit aceasta cutie cand inca reinvatam sa merg cum trebuie, dupa ce am avut piciorul drept in ghips. Aveam o orteza la genunchi si un baston. Si nu m-am lasat pana n-am gasit-o.

Gasita in 10.08.2012.

[En] I found this cache when I was learning once again how to walk properly, after I had my right leg in a cast. I had a knee orthosis and a cane. And I didn’t give up until I found it.

Found on  10.08.2012.


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The Usual Suspects

[Ro] Hah, am cautat cutia asta prima data prin vara lui 2011, impreuna cu anikadnb si crazycool. Ghicitoarea ne ducea spre o cutie de la baza unor copaci, unde un strumf ne dadea indiciul pentru a gasi adevarata cutie.

Ca si mine si crazycool, ankadnb era la inceput. Doar ca, desi ii explicasem ca trebuie sa fim stealth atunci cand cautam.. atunci cand a gasit cutia de la copaci, a ridicat-o in aer si a inceput sa strige “am gasit-o, am gasit-o!”. Multa vreme m-am intrebat daca nu cumva ni s-a datorat noua disparitia strumfului…

Oricum, atunci nu am trecut mai departe de strumf, nu am reusit sa gasim ascunzatoarea finala. Cutia s-a arhivat si am crezut ca gata. Pana cand am cautat Der Name der Rose, cu Vegitadbz, cutie care se afla in acelasi loc, iar kekemes, posesorul ambelor cutii, m-a lasat sa le trec gasite pe amandoua.

Gasita in 15.06.2012.

[En] Hah, I searched for this cache for the first time in the summer of 2011, together with anikadnb and crazycool. The riddle took us to a box at the roots of some trees, where a smurf gave us the hint to find the true cache.

Like crazycool and myself, anikadnb was a beginner. But, although we told he we had to be stealth while searching.. when she found the container in the trees, she raised it up in the air, yelling “I found it, I found it!” For a long time I wondered whether the vanishing of the smurf was our fault…

Anyway, back then we didn’t get any farther than the smurf, we weren’t able to find the final hiding spot. The cache was archived and I thought that’s that. Until I went searching for Der Name der Rose, with Vegitadbz, a cache which is in the same spot, and kekemes, the owner of these caches, let me log them both.

Found on 15.06.2012.

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MftM: Der Name der Rose (1986)

[Ro] Am cautat si aceasta cutie cu Vegitadbz. Si m-a dus intr-un loc cunoscut. Si m-am panicat crezand ca de fapt am gasit o alta cutie, pe care o cautasem in zadar cu aproape un an in urma. Mai exact The Usual Suspects.

Pana la urma am semnat logbook-ul, l-am pus inapoi in ascunzatoare, iar cand am ajuns acasa l-am contactat pe kekemes, posesorul cutiei. Mi-a zis ca The Usual Suspects nu mai era activa, fiind inlocuita de Numele Trandafirului, dar, din moment ce stiam pasii de la cealalta cutie a sa, ma puteam loga si acolo. Oferta speciala, 2 la pretul uneia.

Gasita in 15.06.2012.

[En] I searched for this cache with Vegitadbz, as well. And it took me to a familiar spot. And I panicked thinking that I actually found another cache, for which I went searching about a year ago. The Usual Suspects, to be more specific.

In the end, we signed the logbook, placed it back in the hiding spot, and as soon as I got home, I contacted kekemes, the owner of the cache. He told me that The Usual Suspects was no longer active, and was replaced by The Name of the Rose, but, since I knew the steps from his other cache, I could log myself there, too. Special offfer, 2 for the price of 1.

Found on 15.06.2012.


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MftM: The Ghost Writer (2010)

[Ro] Tot cu Vegitadbz am dat si peste cutia asta. Tin minte ca lui i-a placut foarte mult cum arata.

Inca un ftf.

Gasita in 15.06.2012.

[En] I found this cache with Vegitadbz, too. i remember he really liked the container.

Yet another ftf.

Found on 15.06.2012.


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MftM: Jacob’s Ladder (1990)

[Ro] Aceasta cutie face parte dintr-un event si o serie numite Movies for the Masses. Jacob’s Ladder ne duce in Herastrau, la o scara, desigur. Nu prea merita rating-ul de 3.5 pentru teren.. poate doar daca ti-e teama de inaltimi.

Una dintre putinele mele ftf, alaturi de Vegitadbz.

Gasita in 15.06.2012.

[En] This cache is part of an event and a series named Movies for the Masses. Jacob’s Ladder takes us to Herastrau, to a ladder, of course. It doesn’t really deserve a 3.5 terrain rating.. unless you’re scared of heights, perhaps.

One of my few ftf, together with Vegitadbz.

Found on 15.06.2012.


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